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Tuesday, November 12

Easy Lunches With A Twist

Continuing with my new hobby, we have 3 yummy lunches for my sweetgirls.


I have noticed that my girls pretty much eat the same thing everyday.  They are very leary of trying new things (except for JoBo).  So to make it a little more exciting, I  changed things up a bit.  For Chesyboo, I used a tortilla to make her sandwich, which was bologna and mayo (of course) and flower picks.  Then rolled it up and sliced it in half.  She loved it!  She also has strawberries w/Nutella for dipping, red grapes and Cheez Its.  She also has pickles but she put them in a little Tupperware container separately because she doesn't want "pickle bread" like she had yesterday (oops!).

JoBo liked her sandwich so much yesterday, she wanted the same today.  She has a banana and Nutella sandwich, grapes, strawberries w/bananas and two granola bars.  

Hayleybay liked the way I made her sisters sandwich so she wanted one just like it.  On her's she had honey ham, american cheese and mayo.  She chose butterfly picks to hold it together.  She also has strawberries w/Nutella for dipping, red grapes and Cheez Its.

I hope as I continue on this journey that my girls get more adventurous and try new things.  I also hope that I will be able to be more creative as I learn how to make lunch more fun and healthy for them.  

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