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Monday, April 7

{CLOSED} Giveaway | BeaYOUtiful Spring Giveaway US Ends 4/22

Welcome Couponing Momma readers to the BeaYOUtiful Spring Giveaway.  Enter below for your chance to win.

Hapari Swimwear GC (Mama C's Review)
Cowgirl Dirt (Mama C's Review)
Evologie Clear Skin Kit (Mama C's Review)
Total ARV $160

Hosted by:
Mama C's Secrets to Saving
Make Our Own Network
**If you are a company and would like to see your brand advertised in a M.O.O.N. event similar to this please contact
This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on April 22nd, 2014.
"Make Our Own Network" solely organized this event and I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own or even those stated in this post.  This event is in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" and is in no way associated with any of the social media it is viewed/shared/located on.  The sponsor is responsible for prize shipment and not this blog or any bloggers involved in the promotion.  

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  1. It always begins with a shower, moisturizing, get dressed then make-up

  2. Coffee first, shower, make-up then get dressed and go.

  3. I take a shower first, then I do my makeup and hair. If I'm just going to work it's just light makeup and I throw my hair up. If I'm going out I spend more time on makeup and hair.

  4. It's always the same shower, grooming and out the door. thankyou, ken

  5. Mine is pretty simple, shower, lotion, go!

  6. My routine is pretty much the same everyday. I like to be comfortable since I do stay home with the kids and do a lot with them during the day as well as housework. I wake up, pick out my outfit (depends if I have errands to run if I wear something other than comfy sweatpants or lounge pants), brush my teeth, fix my hair (I shower in the evenings - it helps me to relax before I fall asleep) and put moisturizer on my face. I don't normally wear make-up b/c it's just me here with the kids until hubby gets home. ;) And I do have sensitive skin so a lot of products bother me. I absolutely HAVE to make sure I put moisturizer on my face. With this pregnancy I have really really dry skin and my face has been affected severely. I've even developed some eczema patches on my face which I have been battling for months now.

  7. My routine depends on where I am going and what I have to do but brushing my teeth is mandatory.

  8. I ALWAYS make sure that all of the dishes are washed in the morning (first thing I do when I wake up... actually, bathroom is first) then when my kids get up I get their toothbrushes ready, along with vitamins and glass of ovaltine. After that it gets pretty random. ~Darlene S

  9. It's pretty much the same (shower, hair, makeup).

  10. It typically depends on where I'm going and time I have to be done. I like to be casual most of the time though and comfortable.

  11. I'm pretty low-maintenance. I like to shower at night before bed so I can get ready more quickly in the mornings. I have pretty long hair, but usually I let it air-dry and don't bother blow-drying. If I don't bother to straighten it, I'll put it in a braid or ponytail. Sometimes I wear makeup, sometimes not. I really just adjust my getting-ready time depending on what I'm doing with my day!

  12. My getting ready routine is very different each day and depending on where I am headed. Because I work third shift part time there are days that I take a shower at 10pm and on days off take a shower in the morning. If I'm going to work I do not do makeup or hair but on my day off I do my hair and makeup.

  13. it depends on the day but It is usually a shower, hair and makeup.


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