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Tuesday, July 8

Bloggers: Make Money with Shareasale's Best Affiliate Programs

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click my links.

Even though I have been with  Shareasale since May 2013, I have really only been working it since June 2014 and I have found that it is the easiest affiliate network to make money with.  My earnings so far:

The great thing is that ANY blogger…whether you have been blogging a month or ten years, can make a paycheck with the Shareasale affiliate referral programs. 

Several merchants on Shareasale will pay you for each affiliate you refer to their program.  Anything from $1 to $10 each!  

PLUS there are bonus posts from several of these merchants that pay between $5-$20 each.  They send you an email with a post,  your affiliate links already embedded, and all you have to do is simply copy and paste!  ((Plus, did you know you will make a $100 commission for any merchant referral?!?!))

If you are not a Shareasale member, SIGN UP HERE and bookmark this post so you can come back and join the programs below!

Below is a list of the very best programs I have found.  They will pay you $10 - $30 for each referral you send, plus many send out bonus posts like described above.  (I will earn a commission when you join, thanks so much for supporting my site!)

So if you find just one other blogger to join all of the programs above, you will have earned a nice chunk of change!  Cha-Ching!


  The programs below offer a referral bonus of $5 or under or another two-tier referral program.  Reebok offers bonus posts, but you can still earn money from the referrals on the others (and yes, again, these are my referral links and I will earn a couple bucks when you use my links… Thanks for supporting my site!)
Join Cents of Style ($3)

Join For Me To Coupon ($1) (this is also a great tool for deal bloggers that offers a free trial)

Join Lotus Stores ($5)

Join Reebok

Join Street Moda ($5)

Join Virtual Sheet Music ($3)

Join Accelerated Intelligence, Inc. ($5)

Join Difgar Enterprises ($5)

Join Elimidrol


The programs below offer bonus cut & paste posts of $5-$20 but at the current time, do not offer referral rewards.

 Not only can you earn money by referring your blogging friends, several of these programs offer great commissions for the traffic and sales you send from your blog!  Gymboreeand Tea Collection are my favorites (and my highest earners!)

I hope you find this helpful! Be sure to share with your blogging friends!

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  1. Signed up for Virtual Sheet Music under you. :) Stop by and visit my blog at

  2. Nice list of places to make money if your a blogger.


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