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Sunday, August 17

#ShopSmarter and Save By Buying Gift Cards at Safeway

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When I'm shopping, I look for sales, deals, rewards and I use coupons.  Any way I can save money.  I especially like fuel rewards.  I have to buy groceries anyway and earning fuel rewards is just more bang for your buck.   

I love the amazing deal Safeway has going on right now.  I would definitely get a gift card for Safeway, because they offer double fuel points on every dollar spent on gift cards and when I use my credit card, I earn rewards for buying groceries.  

Save over $20 by buying gift cards before you shop, dine or hit the town.   Savvy shoppers can triple dip on savings this week when they purchase multi-pack gift cards. 

Here’s How It Works

1. Promotional Offer - 15% off gift card multi-packs from 8/16 through 
8/19 (offer valid on Fandango, TGIF, Xbox, Cold Stone or iHOP)

2. Fuel Rewards - Safeway offers double-fuel points for every dollar 
you spend on gift cards redeemable at Safeway, Chevron, or Texaco 
stations ($1 = 2 fuel points). Requires Club Card. To find out more 
about Safeway’s fuel rewards program click here.

3. Earn credit card rewards points /savings on your purchase (e.g. 3% 
back on groceries, miles, or earn points)

Here’s how the MATH works on a $100 participating multi-pack 
purchase = $20+ Savings 

1. $15 off – when you purchase $100 in multi-pack cards 

2. $3 off when you fill up your tank. (avg. $.17 off per gallon). 

3. $2.55 off if you earn 3% back on your credit card grocery 

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