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Tuesday, October 28

{CLOSED} Giveaway | Logan Portable Infrared Heater Giveaway US Ends 11/12

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Logan Portable Infrared Quartz Heater is the perfect heating solution for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen areas, basements, and craft rooms. Plug this electric heater into your wall outlet and immediately enjoy the warmth. Its heat exchanger combines with the humidity in the room to provide soft, moist, safe heat without reducing oxygen or humidity.

  • Supplemental heating up to 1000 sq. ft.
  • Balanced heat keeps the temperature difference between floor and ceiling within 2 to 3 degrees
  • Fine Furniture Finish with castors
  • Color: Walnut
  • Thermostat controls room temperature
  • Air purifying function through high efficiency lifetime filter
  • LED display - Display's Ambient Temperature
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries included)
This would be so handy for our house where the living room faces south (can you say SAUNA?!) and the rest of the house is a deep freeze.  This would be perfect for my back bedroom on the back of the house that is always cold, no matter what.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on November 12th, 2014.  Good Luck!!

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  1. The winters here in Kentucky are quite unpredictable. I want to win this to give to my Mother for Christmas to keep her warm.

  2. Ohio winters are cold... this would be great for extra heat in the living room

  3. Here in the deep south, the winters are not to awful bad most days, but we do have several bone chilling days. We use wood to heat our home with and this little heater would be great for mornings while we are building a fire and waiting for it to warm up.

  4. I live in Florida. The weather gets below freezing here. I could use this heater instead of cranking up my central heat to save money.

  5. I used to live in Indiana, where the winters were cold but bearable. I just moved back to Iowa, though, and I remember that winters here are colder than in Indiana, with bad wind chills. I'd use this heater to offset our heating bill this winter!

  6. We spend most of our evenings in one room so it would be a nice thing to have to heat the one room and then we could turn the furnace down in the rest of the house.

  7. Winters in Virginia are extremely child! This would be nice to have one with my kiddos amd two for my living room area.

  8. I live in the South, so winters aren't too terrible. I would love to win this for my aunt who lives in Illinois where winters are bad and it snows a lot.

  9. We have on average mild winters but when their bad they are rally bad

  10. Last winter in Wisconsin we had 2 months of -50 windchll. Having a new baby in the middle of winter so this would be great to have!


  11. Here in Kentucky,the winters can be very cold,snowy,windy....very uncomfortable at times,especially working outside,and to come in out of the cold to the warmth is priceless!!

  12. sometimes our winters here in MA can be brutal, this would be perfect for a room in our basement that gets mighty chilly - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  13. I live in the Adirondacks in upstate ny and the winters are always cold. I could really use this to keep warm and I also heard they are very cost efficiante to run,

  14. Living in the Northeast the winters here can be brutal. This year the cold weather has come quicker than usual. We have wanted a space heater for our downstairs for quite some time.
    Thanks for the chance.

  15. Winters here in Missouri are very cold, average is about 30-35 in the winter. Last year one of our low temps was -12. It is bitter cold. I would love to win this because my house is not insulated very well and my living room is super cold. This would be really nice to have.

  16. I live in MT and the winters are FREEEZING!!!!!! We had our first snow last night and i am so not ready yet! I want a heater like this because we have an addition on our home that isn't heated.

  17. Our average winters are cold, and last year was even colder.

  18. We live in Wisconsin and have long, cold winters. To accomplish anything in our garage we need a good space heater, but so far the ones we have tried only last one season. I'd love to try this and see if it would be better than the ones we have used in the past

  19. The winters here are cold, and this would be great to have in our basement.

  20. I live in North Carolina and it will be 25degrees Friday night. It is about 65/70 today. This makes me crazy! I detest cold weather. I really need to move somewhere warm. I'd like to have this heater to warm up the bedroom. I could close it off and snuggle with the dog and cat. I grew up in a house where the only heat was a kerosene heater so I love heaters!

  21. I live in Colorado and the high temperature today is 4 degrees. Although it is not always this cold here we do get our share of cold temperatures. I would love to win the Logan Portable Infrared Quartz Heater to help take the chill out of my office area. I love the dark walnut cabinet.


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