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Wednesday, October 22

{CLOSED} Giveaway | Saving Private Bow Wow Giveaway US Ends 11/6

Adopt DON'T Buy!
Help save a life!

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Make Our Own Network

If you're like me, my pets are my family.  I love being able to offer this awesome giveaway to my readers and their beloved pets.  

Prize Pack #1: 
Small Dog Bed
Pet Auto Water Dish
Peanut Butter Kong Snacks (Small)
Dental Kong Toy
Raspberry Zoom Groom 
Tuggo Mini

Prize Pack #2: 
Tuggo Mini (Joan's Review)
Winning Moves -The Game of LIFE® Dogs Edition
Paths of Hearts - Book of short pet stories (Joan's Review)
2 Months Treat of the Month Prosperous Pooch Etsy Shop (Joan's Review)

Prize Pack #3: 
Fulcrum Gallery - Framed Animal Art (Joan's Review)
Tuggo Mini

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on November 6th, 2014.  Good Luck!!

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  1. I have five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds (and three cats, also rescues). Let's see. For my pups, I fell in love with my senior girl, Suki, at an adoption event at a local Petsmart just over 12 years ago. She's going on 14 and, unfortunately, is really showing signs of her age. My Ran (pronounced more like "Ron" - it's a Japanese girls' name meaning "orchid") was born deaf and dumped at a small, rural shelter just four days after her first owners took her to the vet for her three-month shots. I guess the vet confirmed she was deaf and they didn't want to be bothered. Most people can't even tell she's deaf and she knows her basic commands by hand signals (my own signals). I adopted Kenji from NC where he was one of 30+ hounds tied along the fence of a property where the owner was involved in cock fighting. Luckily all of those hounds were rescued, and while the shelter has reduced the number of animals they put down, it's still a high-kill shelter. Oh, it was four years ago tomorrow that his transport got him to me. Then there's my Kyoko, who was just a skeleton with skin over it when she ended up in the Greenville, SC shelter. The rescue that was supposed to pull her bailed last minute and she was on the kill list. I had just lost my Beagle, Bailey a little over two weeks earlier, but when I saw the photo of Kyoko I just couldn't let her die. Then three years ago I saw Seiji's photo on Facebook. I was torn between him and a second, very emaciated boy from the same shelter. They ended up killing the other boy a day early, so I knew I had to get Seiji out of there. Is our house a zoo? Yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I just wish I could have more! I hate that so many wonderful hounds are dying in shelters every day - especially in the south, where many of them are also not really taken care of properly by the hunters they belonged to. I've helped rescue and rehome other hounds and they are the most loving dogs.

  2. We have very recently went from a two dog home to a three dog home! In July our dog Barklee, who we had only had for a month, got loose on a walk and took over sprinting.. We spent weeks searching, following up every lead, hanging signs, doing overnight stake outs where he had been spotted.. Nothing.. This past Monday, after five months, someone posted a found dog on a Facebook page for lost animals... It was Barklee!! So, he is now home... Our second dog actually came to us during the search for Barklee... Someone called us and was absolutely positive they had Barklee in their backyard.. It was not him, but we offered to take him and try to find him a home. He very much looked as if he had been abused so we weren't eager to find his owners.. Long story short, we fell in love with him and he settled in at home! It's been a crazy week for us dogwise, but very awesome! I truly never thought Barklee would be back home.. Luckily they all seem to really enjoy each other!

  3. We adopted a Viszla mix from a shelter and we rescued a lost, scared Maltese from the streets. Both are happy and healthy pups!

  4. We adopted our cat 11 yrs ago from our local shelter and we tell him all the time hes a real baby not a cat. He enjoys wearing his sweaters in the winter. Then we adopted our dog walmart about 9yrs ago from the same shelter. She is a very good dog and has never even had an accident in the house. Last but not least is our newest addition. We got Blue the cat stealing food from our dogs bowl last winter. He quickly ran off. I kept leaving cat food out for him but he wouldn't eat it. He only liked the dog food. As time went on we found that he was living in our barn and terrified of people. After a few months he learned that we wouldn't hurt him and he now enjoys his naps on my bed or in my lap. He also now enjoys cat food and I believe when he goes outside he still visits our dogs bowl as

  5. I adopted my little Chihuahua girl over 5 years ago. She is a blessing. We had a rough start due to her lack of training but she is doing very well now. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She goes on all my vacations with me (thank heavens for pet friendly hotels) and loves going for long rides with me. The best part about her is how excited she gets when we play with her toys. She becomes a puppy when she hears the squeaky toy!

  6. Her name is Lady Death MacBeth she is a 2 almost 3 year old (birthday 1/1/2015) Chorkie, we rescued her from a shelter in Milpitas CA at 7 weeks old. For her 1st bday I bought her a two tone PINK two story dog house with matching leopard print extra thick fluffy cushions.


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