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Wednesday, November 19

I See Me!'s Newest Title "I Can Change the World!" + #ShareYourSmile

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I See Me! has launched it's newest title, I Can Change the World

"I Can Change the World!" is an inspiring and uplifting personalized book that teaches children that change can start with just one person: The world is a big spinning planet of blue. There are 7 billion people, but only one you!

Even a small child has the ability to spread kindness and change the world, by using manners, doing chores, being a good friend, collecting food, and more. Something as simple as a smile can change someone else’s day! According to author Jennifer Dewing, “This book empowers kids to believe in themselves and their ability to affect change around them."

**Share your good deeds and your smile, and watch it get shared from mile to mile.**

I See Me! has created a social campaign called #ShareYourSmile. Post a photo of your child (or you) smiling- and a caption about the good deed they (or you) did- using the hashtag #ShareYourSmile (The photo can be posted on the I See Me! Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest). We have also created a website that will showcase all the smiles using #ShareYourSmile here.

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