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Wednesday, December 31

Achieve New Year Resolutions with Your Smartphone from Buy.Gazelle

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

We're about to enter a new year and with that many of us are probably thinking how we can make ourselves even better in 2015. It is easier than ever to stay on track with resolutions throughout the year thanks to the number of mobile apps available on smartphones and tablets today:
  • Getting fit: Pact app - earn cash for living healthy, paid by members who don't. Set exercise and healthy eating goals each week, manage how much money is on the line, check in to the gym, snap photos of your meals, and then get notified of earnings each week.
  • Being organized: Any.Do app - helps manage life in a simple, clever and fun way. Save time organizing family tasks, work projects and personal to-do's in one place, while collaborating with others to be more productive.
  • Managing finances: Personal Finance app - pulls all your personal finance accounts and investments into one place, so you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders and save more money. Check your credit score for free.

    If you have yet to make the upgrade to a smartphone go to Buy.Gazelle, where you can get the mobile apps to help you achieve your goals for 2015. There’s no contract and strings attached to certified pre-owned phones from Buy.Gazelle and you don’t have to pay the full MSRP!

    Go to and achieve new year resolutions with your smartphone! 

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