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Thursday, December 4

Nylabone Top Gifts for Your Dog!

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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family can be a challenge. Whether searching for that trendy piece of jewelry, this year’s impossible-to-find bag, or the latest video game release, matching the right gift to the right person can be super stressful and time-consuming.
But what about the precious pups in your life? They deserve the perfect presents too! Here are 5 easy gift ideas from Nylabone to make the holiday as joyful as possible for your furry friend, and as effortless as possible for you—Nylabone products are available wherever pet products are sold!

1. Nylabone Essentials Chew Toys
Maybe your precious pooch is a champion chewer, leaving ruined shoes and other destroyed belongings in his wake. Not to worry, your furniture legs don’t have to suffer anymore! Nylabone Essentials chew toys for powerful and moderate chewers are guaranteed to satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew and provide a great way to redirect destructive chewing habits. And the best part is that they come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and flavors dogs absolutely love, like chicken and bacon—yum!
2. Daily Dental
People brush their teeth every day (twice, even), but sometimes their dogs fall behind. While your furry friend depends on you for clean chompers, there’s a handy way for him to brush his own teeth every day. Nylabone Daily Dental chews give your dog a healthy new chewing hobby, with unique ridge-cleaning action that helps reduce plaque and tartar. Even powerful chewers will happily spend the holidays cleaning their teeth with these veterinarian-recommended chews.

3. Daily Health
We all enjoy more than our share of tasty morsels around the holidays—and we also have a tendency to overindulge our pups. Why not give them the gift of delicious Daily Health chew treats instead? These natural chews boast added vitamins and minerals, and don’t have any artificial preservatives or added salt or sugar. So while you’re devouring that last piece of Aunt Edith’s fruitcake, at least your dog will be raising the bar on healthier snacking.

4. Nutri Dent
If you’re planning to smooch your pooch under the mistletoe, you’d better make sure that his breath is fresh! Nylabone’s handy Nutri Dent edible dental chews are clinically proven better than brushing, with 360-degree cleaning nubs to give your pup two of the greatest gifts of all: clean teeth and fresh breath!

5. Small Dog Value Pack
What’s better than one present? Three presents! Nylabone’s Small Dog Value Pack comes with enough gifts to fill three little doggie stockings, or one bigger stocking to spoil your little pooch. The highly digestible Daily Health edible chew treat will satisfy your small dog’s hunger with big nutrition. When he’s done, the Dental Chew will chase away plaque and tartar buildup with gentle nubs and bristles. Then your little buddy can relax with a soft, flexible chew that can be chilled to make a frosty toy that soothes his gums after a big day! What does your pampered pooch look like when he gets everything he wanted? Here’s a great way to find out.

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