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Sunday, December 14

The Bloggy Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

You've setup a blog and now you'd like to start earning money!  You've heard of others who are supplementing their income or earning an entire salary from their blogging efforts - but how are they doing it?  Unfortunately, you won't earn money by 'just' having a blog.  You need to implement a few things into your blog and social media presence.

::  What steps do you take? 
::  Why haven't you begun to earn any money?

These can be very frustrating questions!  Finding the answers can also be frustrating.  You may find a list of things to do - but no instructions for properly implementing them within your blog.

The Bloggy Guide to Monetizing Your blog separates the various avenues in which you can earn money through your blog and through social media.  By dividing the income revenue sources into understandable categories - you can better understand the money making paths that fit you best. 

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