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Tuesday, January 6

Happy New Year + My 2015 Goals (For the First Time EVER!)

I don't make resolutions.  While I may have certain goals in mind, I usually don't write them down and I definitely don't share them (not even with family).

But, I want to have a more concrete plan.  I want to accomplish my goals this year. I think if I have them written down, I will know where I want to be and will have an easier time getting there.


While my blog is primarily a giveaway and review blog, I would like to add more of me to my blog.  I do LOVE giveaways but there is more that I want to talk about.  

I love trying new recipes and do so at least once a week.  I'm hoping to embark on a major house renovation within the next year or 2, we are a one income 5 person family living in 1008  square feet, I have a daughter who is a competitive gymnast....all of that to say, I want to add more about parenting, gymnastics, recipes, home improvements, finances, budgeting, DIY, etc...basically, more of me and my life.  


My goals for
  • to increase my social media following to 48,500 . It's currently at 36,675.
  • post 2 non-giveaway articles and 1 recipe a week.  
  • to have $200 in blog income a month.  My highest month last year was $171.82 and  my monthly average for the last year was $73.85.
  • Decrease  International Alexa ranking below 100,000.  It's currently at 214,587.
  • Decrease US Alexa Ranking below 20,000.  It's currently at 31,442.
  • Increase monthly pageviews to atleast 20,000.

My financial goals:

  • Pay off my van in June
  • Save $1,378 using the 52 Week Money Challenge
  • Save at least $5,000 towards our home addition
  • Buy a laptop
  • Keep a checkbook register

My fitness goals:

(I got a MisFit Flex for Christmas, which is a fitness and sleep monitor)

  • Walk 4,000 steps a day

I'm being REAL conservative here because I know myself.

My Marriage goal:

Have a date night once a month

My Mommahood goal:

Have a date once a month with each of my sweetgirls.

So there you have it! I’ll try post updates at the beginning of each month to let you know the progress I made in the previous month.

Since this is the first year that I've made concrete goals and I've made them public, I hope I haven't bit of more than I can chew...

What are YOUR goals for 2015?

If you set goals for this year, I’d love to hear what they are! Leave a comment listing them or linking over to your blog post about them. 
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  1. Stephanie,
    You are a busy lady with a great sense of your strengths. I am sure you will hit your goals running and may need to set new ones when you smash through the ones you have set.
    Happy Creating in 2015,
    Karen Marie

  2. These are such great goals. I can wait to learn more about you. I wish you luck on accomplishing your goals.

  3. Those are some great goals. I hope that you are able to not only achieve them, but to surpass them.

  4. That is quite the list of goals!! I hope you're able to complete them all and more this year! My goals for 2015 are to pay off of least half of our debt, to have friends over at least once a month for dinner and to interact more with the blogs and bloggers that I follow!!

  5. This is a great list of goals. One of my main goals for 2015 is learning how to deal with stress. I forgot to set blogging goals though. Thanks for the reminder!


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