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Tuesday, January 6

Tea's New Arrivals: Inspired by India’s Hand-Stitch Society

Namaste from India!
We are excited to announce Tea's new arrivals inspired by India! India is a riot of color and sound and scent that’s completely entrancing. With painted elephants, traditional woodblock prints and sun-drenched colors everywhere, Tea’s exploration of India translates into beautiful clothing for all little citizens. You won’t want to miss what’s on the way this season!

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About India's Stitch Society
Tea's first set of new arrivals celebrate India’s hand-stitch society. India has a rich and vibrant tradition of handicrafts—like the kantha quilts of West Bengal and Odisha. Kantha quilts are made out of old saris and soft dhotis and are lovingly embroidered with tales of local life. It’s the most popular form of embroidery practiced by rural women who work together to create these intricate pieces, some of which take years to complete.

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