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Monday, August 24

Aclasta, A Great Medicine for Osteoarthritis

Most diseases and medical conditions affect only children and elderly. Simply put, their systems are not able to deal with threats that are present in our midst and as such, it is much easier for them to develop debilitating sickness. One such issue is osteoarthritis. This sickness is one of many types of arthritis, affecting all the joints in a patient’s body. However, knee, hand and hip osteoarthritis are the most common manifestations.

Degenerative conditions such as this can present an enormous problem for an individual. It is characterized by loss of connective tissue that is present within joints. By losing these cells, a patient loses the function which they provide, which is protection of the bones. Without it, bones start rubbing each other and that friction slowly destroys them. This results in inflammation, swelling and pain. As time goes by, the patient will slowly lose range of motion and ultimately, complete mobility of the joint. The nature of osteoarthritis is very problematic. It can only get worse with time and lost cells cannot be replenished. The patient can only try to control the disease and reduce loss of substance. However, sometimes even the best efforts will be futile.
There are different reasons why a person can develop this condition. Like most medical problems, this one can be caused by a genetic flaw. But, according to Doctor Medica, in most of the cases, a mix of different factors will lead to development of this illness. Simply put, osteoarthritis is closely connected to healthy living or better said, lack thereof. Joints consist of different nutritive substances and vitamins. Without them, chemical imbalance appears destroying the mentioned cells. Like most other diseases, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are not recommended. But, medical professionals are still not quite certain to what extent these vices affect osteoarthritis and its development. Data acquired has shown that this condition is common for people who are doing repetitive physical work or for professional athletes. Repetition of the same motion over the years can easily lead to destruction of cells. Of course, having in mind that osteoarthritis is connected to healthy living and diet, it is somewhat normal that older people will often get it. This happens not because older people have bad diet; it is because they start losing nutritive substance quicker than young people.

Most doctors will recommend use of Aclasta for various types of osteoarthritis. The main component of this medicine is zoledronic acid, a substance that comes in a form of intravenous solution. It reduces release of calcium from the bones. Usually, most doctors will use Aclasta only once per year. This drug is very potent and it will last for a long time within the body.
Aclasta shouldn’t be used by pregnant women and people who have a low level of calcium. People who have kidney issues, bone cancer, hormonal issues, surgically removed intestine or certain types of asthma, should consult with their medical provider before using this medicine. Unfortunately, side effects can be numerous. If a patient notices any problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

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